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North Park High School

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Academics » Expected School wide Learning

Expected School wide Learning


Thinkers and Problem Solvers who:

  • Read and comprehend material in all subjects.
  • Demonstrate proficiency.
  • Ask effective questions.
  • Apply problem solving skills.
  • Express oneself clearly and effectively.


Healthy Lifestyle Advocates who:

  • Manage time wisely.
  • Possess resiliency skills.
  • Set goals and monitor progress.
  • Motivate oneself to initiate and complete tasks.
  • Make healthy choices.


 Life Skill Oriented, Career and College who:

  • Demonstrate good attendance. (regular and punctual)
  • Demonstrate individual responsibility.
  • Understand steps of job process.
  • Encourage community involvement.
  • Build rapport and work well with authority and others.


Community of social responsible members who:

  • Stay informed, productive, and ethical member of society.
  • Take responsibility for actions.
  • Responsible citizenship.
  • Demonstrate positive character and citizenship.