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About Us


The Stakeholders of North Park High School envision their school as a safe and stimulating place where all students are engaged in a curriculum that is preparing them to be responsible citizens who are critical thinkers, academic achievers and lifelong learners.


“Empower All Learners to Fulfill High Academic Achievement”



NPHS Graduation 2016-2017




North Park High School was honored as a 2015 California Model Continuation School in San Francisco in May. This award is presented to outstanding continuation high schools. These model schools provide comprehensive services to at-risk youth through the use of exemplary instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, and guidance and counseling services.
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About North Park High School

Prospective students interested in attending NPHS must complete the required documentation for the Admissions & Transfers Committee to determine qualification of transfer to NPHS. Parents and students are required to attend a New Student/Parent Orientation before starting at NPHS. Administration welcomes new students and their parents to review the BPUSD academic and graduation expectations; policies, rules and regulations for the district; credit recovery opportunities; and the next steps on completing the transfer process from the comprehensive high school.

North Park also has community based partnerships with agencies that offer students and parents with resources for mental health services at no cost. Both Hillsides Family Center and Kaiser Permanente, provide school based counseling by seven therapists, who serve not only teens but also, parenting and pregnant minors. They have a location on the school premises allocated exclusively to their clients which offers confidential rooms for consultations.
Students start off their enrollment at North Park Continuation High School with four class periods in either the morning or afternoon session. All students have the opportunity to recover credits by earning an extended (eight period) day. Extended day is earned after a student attends fifteen consecutive school days with perfect attendance without any tardiness or truancy from school. The student can request from the attendance clerk or counselors a full day contract form which requires a signature from each of the students’ four current teachers, the parent and the student. The full day contract states the conditions in which full day is earned and maintained. Once the full day contract is submitted the student is given a new schedule with classes required for graduation. Earning extended day allows a student the opportunity to earn up to 120 credits in one school year.

NPHS students are awarded five full credits after 60 days of productive work and attendance in a class. Partial credits are honored, awarded and recorded on the student transcript. However, the two comprehensive high schools do not recognize partial credits if the student is eligible and chooses to transfer back to their home school. Counselors make every effort to ensure that full credits are earned and awarded if time allows, if not the student will be required to complete the full five credits back at the comprehensive school


Thinkers and Problem Solvers who:

  • Read and comprehend material in all subjects
  • Demonstrate proficiency
  • Ask effective questions
  • Apply problem solving skills
  • Express oneself clearly and effectively

Healthy Lifestyle Advocates who:

  • Manage time wisely
  • Possess resiliency skills
  • Set goals and monitor progress
  • Motivate oneself to initiate and complete tasks
  • Make healthy choices

 Life Skill Oriented, Career and College who:

  • Demonstrate good attendance (regular and punctual)
  • Demonstrate individual responsibility
  • Understand steps of job process
  • Encourage community involvement
  • Build rapport and work well with authority and others

Community of social responsible members who:

  • Stay informed, productive, and ethical member of society
  • Take responsibility for actions
  • Responsible citizenship
  • demonstrate positive character and citizenship


Model Continuation High School Award  Ceremony